ANADOLU Shipyard Completes LCT Project of 8 Vessels for Turkish Navy

ANADOLU Shipyard Completes LCT Project of 8 Vessels for Turkish Navy

ANADOLU Shipyard has successfully completed the LCT (Landing Craft Tank) project of 8 vessels for Turkish Navy back in August 2012.

On August 28th 2012 Tuesday, TCG Ç-158, the last vessel of the serries was delivered to Turkish Navy with a ceremony.

ANADOLU Shipyard is actually proceeding with 8 vessels Landing Craft Tank project and 2 vessels Landing Ship Tank project for Turkish Naval Forces Command. These vessels are built according to NATO and all other relevant Navy standards.

TCG Ç-158 is the Eıght vessel of the Project. All of the LCTs of ANADOLU Shipyard were successfully tested and delivered to Turkish Navy.

The first LCT of ANADOLU Shipyard namely TCG Ç-151 was delivered on March 9th 2012,

the second LCT TCG Ç-152 on April 17th 2012;

the third and fourth LCTs TCG Ç-153 and TCG Ç-154 on April 27th 2012.

the fifht LCT TCG Ç-155 on June 15th 2012;

the sixth LCT TCG Ç-156 on June 1st 2012;

the seventh LCT TCG Ç-157 on July 13th 2012;

the eight LCT TCG Ç-157 on August 28th 2012;

Thus for the first time a Navy project undertaken by a privately owned Naval Shipyard is completed on time and on scheduled as it was been planned to be 37 months back in July 2009.

ANADOLU Shipyard has thus decided to run a serries of international and national adverts in order to publicize this success. The first advert therefore was published on August 29th 2012 issue of Jane’s Defense Weekly.

Naval Today Staff, September 11, 2012; Image: ADIK

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