Royal Australian Navy Frigate HMAS Sydney Arrives in Japan

Royal Australian Navy Frigate HMAS Sydney Arrives in Japan

The Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Sydney (IV) has arrived in Japan to attend one of the most significant ceremonial events of the nation’s calendar, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Fleet Review.

Japan’s Fleet Review began in 1868 when the Imperial Navy welcomed His Majesty Emperor Meiji off Tempozan, Osaka. The review has been conducted every three years since 1957.

Fifty ships and aircraft will participate in Japan’s Fleet Review at Sagami Bay, 40 kilometres southwest of Tokyo on 14 October 2012.

In addition to ships from the Japanese Self Defense Force close allies are represented by visiting ships from Australia, the United States and Singapore.

The Review will see an impressive display of maritime activity including submarine manoeuvres, surface ship movements, gun salutes and aircraft displays.

The Commanding Officer of HMAS Sydney (IV), Captain Luke Charles-Jones, says the importance and symbolism of the event is very much appreciated by his crew.

“HMAS Sydney (IV)’s crew are incredibly proud to be representing Australia at such an important event,” Captain Charles-Jones said.

“The number of naval assets assembled here is extraordinary and we have been working very hard with our Japanese friends to ensure that everything goes to plan.”

The Japanese Fleet Review highlights the historical importance of sea trade routes and is a foretaste to Australia’s own International Fleet Review, scheduled for October 2013 when Sydney Harbour will host the largest gathering of maritime might since the Bicentennial in 1988.

En-route, Sydney (IV) has also participated in Operation SOLANIA as part of Australia’s commitment to provide maritime surveillance of South Pacific nations’ maritime resources as well as Exercise LUMBAS with the Philippines and visit Brunei. These patrols and activities with our regional neighbours are a normal part of a deployment of this nature.

Naval Today Staff,October 15, 2012; Image: Australian Navy