UK: Falklands Patrol Ship HMS Clyde Helps Injured Yachtswoman

 Falklands Patrol Ship HMS Clyde Helps Injured Yachtswoman

Falklands patrol ship HMS Clyde returned to the islands from South Georgia ‘plus one’ after helping an injured yachtswoman.

Clyde was paying one of her regular visits to the spectacular island, 1,000 miles from the Falklands, dropping off British Antarctic Survey scientists at their research stations in Grytviken and Bird Island, when she received a request for help.

Thirty-one-year-old New Zealander Kali Kahn was the first mate of the charter yacht SY Pelagic Australis, which spends seven months of the year in South Georgia and South Atlantic.

She injured her back sailing the 74ft yacht, owned by renowned sailor and explorer Skip Novak, to Grytviken and could not continue the voyage guiding a team of scientists around South Georgia.

With no air transport on the remote island, boat is the only way of getting on and off, so Clyde stepped in, offering the Kiwi a cabin for the journey back to East Falkland and further medical assistance.

Kail said:

“It’s not how I was planning to travel back to the Falklands, but I am very grateful to the crew of HMS Clyde for offering me a lift back.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity to see the Royal Navy in action.”

Clyde’s CO Lt Cdr Mark Anderson added:

“It was our pleasure to be able to offer our assistance to a fellow seafarer and we are glad that we could offer her a place to sleep and rest to help her in her journey to recovery.”

Naval Today Staff,November 5, 2012; Image: Royal Navy