USA: NSE Hosts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Small Craft Launch Dock

NSE Hosts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Small Craft Launch Dock

Naval Station Everett (NSE) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a small craft launch dock designed specifically to ensure efficient operations for NSE harbor security boats, Nov. 21.

The new single-lane small craft launch dock, located at Port Gardner Bay alongside NSE’s East Waterway, will allow the Navy to operate more efficiently and effectively while responding to emergent situations, whether it is security threats, boat rescue missions, or environmental concerns. The launch dock will also allow NSE to employ small craft for tactical mobility and anti-terrorism efforts.

Capt. Michael J. Coury, commanding officer of Naval Station Everett, explained the importance of the boat launch and how it will improve natural disaster support.

“The Navy practices with local emergency responders from Everett and Snohomish County several times a year for a variety of possible situations including mutual aid and natural disasters,” said Coury. “Its location along Naval Station Everett’s East Waterway drastically improves the Navy’s ability to support those efforts and quickly mobilize when required.”

In order to allow additional construction of the small craft launch dock, a paper mill company adjacent to NSE allowed the Navy access to demolish a World-War II wooden pier and mitigate additional water shading in the harbor.

Coury pointed out that extra precautions were undertaken as part of the project to ensure that the construction of the small craft launch dock didn’t affect the natural environment surrounding the dock. The environmental staff members conducted marine mammal observations during the project to keep a protective eye on Harbor seals and sea lions in the area and ensure they remained undisturbed.

Coury concluded the ceremony with a special thanks to all the individuals that were involved in the construction of the launch dock.

“This project represents yet another reason why Naval Station Everett continues to improve and excel in its ability to support the strategic basing initiative which was the very impetus for its construction and commissioning over 17 years ago,” said Coury. “We couldn’t continue to excel without the dedicated Sailors and civilians who work on this base. Nor could we do it without the skill of the contractors that helped build this base or the support of our communities and elected officials.”

Val Runge, construction manager of Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Northwest, oversaw the construction of the project, overall management of the project and was happy to see the final product finished.

“It allows the security and port operations to launch directly from the base instead of leaving the base and having to launch from the port of Everett launch ramp, and it was good to see it finished today,” said Runge.

Ray Stephanson, mayor of the City of Everett, described what it meant for the U.S. Navy and the city of Everett to finish this project.

“It continues to provide necessary assets for the defense of our country and the opportunity for this boat launch is to prevent and manage oil spills, rescue missions or training that we do mutually between the city of Everett and the U.S. Navy,” said Stephanson. “It’s just one more important asset that brings value to Naval Station Everett.”

Naval Today Staff, November 26, 2012; Image: NSE