Saudi Prince Tours British Naval Air Station

Saudi Prince Tours British  Naval Air Station

Saudi Prince HRH Major General Naif Bin Abdullah Bin Saud Bin Abdullah Al Saud, Director of Safety for the RSAF, visited 1710 Naval Air Squadron at Portsmouth’s naval base on a fact-finding mission.

He was given a comprehensive tour of the headquarters including the squadron’s repair office and various laboratories.

The squadron is the Ministry of Defence’s centre of expertise for helicopter structural repair, modifications and scientific support.

Its work includes designing and fitting modifications to helicopters across all three services.

It also provides vital support to aircraft on front-line operations overseas, ensuring they are kept ready to perform to the highest standards.

 Squadron Commanding Officer, Commander Ken Whitfield, said:

 “The visit was a highly successful fact-finding mission to aid the Royal Saudi Air Force’s ambition to set up a similar organisation.

These welcome visits provide increased visibility and offer mutual benefits to both organisations.

It is hoped that we can continue to support the Royal Saudi Air Force with their endeavours to develop an equally capable organisation.”

The squadron comprises 194 experts mostly from the Royal Navy and civil service.

Although most of its work supports military helicopters, it also provides expert scientific advice to ships and land-based systems.

Naval Today Staff, March 12, 2013, Image:Royal Navy