Britain’s Newest Warship Docks in Dundee

Britain's Newest Warship Docks in Dundee

Britain’s newest Warship has made its first visit to Dundee, one of its affiliated cities

HMS Duncan spent four days in the fourth largest city in Scotland between Friday 6th December and Monday 9th December.

During her time docked in the city, HMS Duncan was visited by over 3600 members of the public over two days. She also hosted several other tours for groups with an affiliation or connection to the Ship.

Commander James Stride Royal Navy, Commanding Officer of HMS Duncan said,

“It’s been a fantastic experience bringing HMS Duncan into its affiliated city for the first time and we’ve had a very warm welcome.”

On her first night in Dundee HMS Duncan hosted a Reception and Capability Demonstration with around 100 civil and military dignitaries from Dundee and the surrounding areas on-board.

They were given an insight into the capabilities and roles of a modern Destroyer of the Royal Navy.

Commander Stride also hosted a special reception on Monday 9th December for the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee during which the Commanding Officer was given Honorary Membership of that body.

The Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee includes the Bakers, Cordiners, Glovers, Tailors, Bonnetmakers, Fleshers, Hammermen, Weavers and Dyers.

The last person to be given Honorary Membership of the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee was Admiral Adam Duncan, after whom HMS Duncan is named.

Dundee proved a very hospitable stop for HMS Duncan’s Ship’s Company with 70 of her crew being treated to a reception in Dundee City Council Chambers.

During HMS Duncan’s time in Dundee, Leading Seaman (Underwater Warfare) Gary Wright organised a trip to the Tayside Children’s Hospital, which is the Major Children’s Unit for Dundee and the surrounding area.

Prior to the ship’s arrival in the city, Leading Seaman Wright had arranged with the other Leading Hands in Duncan that instead of arranging ‘Secret Santa’ between themselves they should instead use the money to buy presents for the Children who are currently patients in the Tayside Children’s Hospital.

This idea was enthusiastically taken up by the other Leading Hands in Duncan and when the Senior Rate’s Mess found out about the scheme they to decided to make a donation to this very worthy cause.

HMS Duncan had a highly successful visit to Dundee and her Ship’s Company are already looking forward to their next visit to build upon the close ties cemented during the Ship’s first visit to one of her two affiliated city.

Belfast, her other affiliated city, will be visited in the near future.

Press Release, December 18, 2013; Image: Royal Navy