Austal Launches Second Cape Class Patrol Boat (Australia)

Austal Launches Second Cape Class Patrol Boat (Australia)

Austal launched the Cape Class Patrol Boat (CCBP), Cape Byron, at its facility in Henderson, Australia today (January 7th, 2014).

The ship was launched 4 weeks ahead of schedule, exactly 1 year after launching of the first boat of the class, Cape St George.

The ship has been lowered into the water, using Austal’s slipway facility, for the first time at today’s ceremony.

Mr. Graham Backhouse, Austal President and General Manager, attended the ceremony and said that Cape Byron’s launch represents the start of another busy year for Australian Defence Facility in Henderson.

This is the second of eight 56-metre patrol boats delivered to the Australian Customs and Border Protection by Austal.

Austal received the contract, valued at approximately USD 330 million, for the Cape Class patrol boats in August 2011. The contract extends for a minimum period of eight years.

Naval Today Staff, January 07, 2014; Image: Austal