Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship Keeps Busy in South Georgia

Following a request for assistance in cleaning efforts, the Royal Navy ice patrol ship HMS Protector steamed her way through tough weather to Cumberland Bay, South Georgia.

HMS Protector crew arrived on site and helped clear a 1.5km stretch of beach of washed up debris in just under two hours. The operation was aimed at conservation of the habitat of local wildlife.

The ice patrol ship availed of the opportunity to conduct hydrographic and dive operations in the area. The ship’s Survey Motor Boat (SMB) James Caird IV was launched in Husvik Harbour to survey the seabed for an understanding of the depths and dangers of the waters, along with the Royal Marine cold weather experts on board, who undertook some mountaineering training.

The final task involved transferring one Government Official, one Norwegian Nature Expert and two members of the South Georgian Heritage Trust to the Falkland Islands whilst en-route dropping off a member of the British Antarctic Survey Team at Bird Island.

HMS Protector is patrolling and surveying the Antarctic region since October 2013, where it will remain until 2015.

Naval Today Staff, January 22, 2014; Image: Royal Navy

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