VIDEO: Dutch Navy Blasts Missiles off Norwegian Coast

Dutch Navy Rounds Off Tactical Exercise off Norwegian Coast

The Royal Netherlands Navy has concluded its large tactical exercise off the Norwegian coast. All the data collected during the tactical training was used to make 3D reconstructions. This technology makes it possible to analyze the exercise extremely accurately.


The exercise saw the Navy test various types of weapons, which were fired from the Navy fleet, blasting their way through the air and successfully destroying their designated targets.

The data collected includes data from sensors and weapon systems, as well as video and photographic material. All these data types are then compiled into a 3D reconstruction, which makes it possible to look at the entire exercise from various viewpoints, for instance from the missile, from the weapon being deployed or from the target aircraft. It is even possible to make a so-called time freeze, by which the analyst can see exactly which person did what at any given point in time.

The Dutch Navy is at the vanguard of 3D analysis technology, which it has developed in collaboration with TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.

Press Release, February 19, 2014, Image: Dutch MoD