Russia Brings More Troops to Crimea

Russia Brings more Troops to Crimea

Russia has sent more troops, trucks and an armoured personnel carrier to Crimea today, Reuters reports.


The troops and personnel were transported this morning to Kazachaya Bay near Sevastopol by the Yamal 156, a large landing ship of the Russian Navy, which can carry more than 300 troops.

A column of at least 100 Russian vehicles, including trucks, armoured personnel carriers and mobile artillery was spotted by a Reuters journalist in the area on Monday as well.

Russia has deployed 60 ships, 220,000 servicemen, 1800 tanks, 400 helicopters and 150 aircraft on the East border of Ukraine and in Crimea, Acting Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Ihor Tenykh said on Tuesday, March 11.

Russian warships are said to be standing by in Sevastopol preventing Ukrainian ships, the Slavutych and the Ternipol, from departing the area.

However, Russia denies that their forces are intervening in Crimea.

Crimea will hold a referendum on Sunday on whether to become part of Russia or to choose greater autonomy within Ukraine.

Naval Today Staff, March 14, 2014; Image: Shipspotting

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