Russia, Ukraine Agree on Unblocking Military Units in Crimea


The Ukrainian Navy Command has reached an agreement with representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Black Sea Fleet Command on unblocking of Ukrainian units in Crimea by March 21, Acting Minister of Defense of Ukraine Ihor Tenyukh said on Sunday.


“We’ve reached an arrangement concerning suspension of military units blocking Crimea and prevention of any provocation till March 21,” Ihor Tenyukh added.

“Russian troops will not execute any actions in relation to the Ukrainian military deployed in Crimea till March 21,” he stressed.

The European Court of Human Rights has applied interim measures under Rule 39 of the ECHR and obliged Russia to refrain from any kind of military actions that might threaten life of the citizens of Ukraine and its territory. The Justice Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko informed that such decision had been taken in response to an application by the Ukrainian Government.

According to the Justice Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko, the above-mentioned ECHR decision is crucial for Ukraine as now not only the world political circles but the international judicial institutions take as brutal the violations of fundamental human rights on the territory of Ukraine by Russia.

As of February 27, 2014 certain armed groups led and controlled by the Russian Federation had seized buildings of the Crimean Parliament, the Council of Ministers and commenced seizure of other administrative and military facilities on the Crimean peninsula.

Russia has deployed 60 ships, 220,000 servicemen, 1800 tanks, 400 helicopters and 150 aircraft on the East border of Ukraine and in Crimea, Acting Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Ihor Tenykh said on Tuesday, March 11.

Russian warships are said to be standing by in Sevastopol preventing Ukrainian ships, the Slavutych and the Ternipol, from departing the area.

Naval Today Staff, March 17, 2014; Image: Ukrainian MoD

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