Ukrainian Navy Ships Pryluky and Fastiv Redeploy to Odesa


Ukrainian Navy ships Pryluky and Fastiv have redeployed to Odesa from Sevastopol, according to the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.


As soon as the ships left Sevastopol and were under control of the Ukrainian military, they raised Ukrainian Navy flags. Generally, the redeployment was successful, the Ministry said adding that the ships are in a satisfactory technical state.

Pryluky and Fastiv ships were blocked by the Russian military in March and are the first ships to have left Crimea.
Ukrainian Navy Ships Pryluky and Fastiv Redeploy to Odesa1

Currently, the representatives of Ukrainian and Russian military authorities within the joint commission are devising the schedule for redeployment of Ukrainian ships and vessels. The Ukrainian Balta degaussing ship was due to leave Sevastopol for Odesa on April 14. The departure has not yet been officially confirmed by the Ministry.

The Ukrainian Navy Antisubmarine Amphibious Be-12 aircraft flew from Crimea-based naval airbase Novofedorivka to Mykolayv. This is the first aircraft to have returned to Ukraine under the Ukrainian-Russian arrangements.


However, two naval helicopters Ka-27 have already returned to Mykolayv by railway transport. Another helicopter will come soon, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said.

Press Release, April 15, 2014, Image: Ukrainian MoD