OPV Relampago, Caluula Authorities Hold Meeting

OPV Relampago, Caluula Authorities Hold Meeting

The oceanic patrol vessel ‘Relámpago’, currently participating in the European-led counter-piracy operation ‘Atalanta’ in the Indian Ocean, has organized a meeting with Caluula authorities.


This enclave used to be a shelter for pirates operating in the Horn of Africa.

The ‘Relámpago’ –currently deployed off the Somali coast carrying out friendly MSAVs (maritime situational awareness visits) to local fishermen– managed to get in contact with regional authorities and offered them to embark and exchange viewpoints on the current maritime security situation in the area.

On May 26th and 27th, Caluula authorities and tribal leaders were welcomed on board and participated in several meetings with a very successful level of cooperation and understanding. The Spanish Navy was represented by the ship’s CO, Lt-Cdr Isidoro Junguito and several junior officers.

Press Release, May 30, 2014