New Chief of Australian Navy Appointed

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New Chief of Australian Navy Appointed

Over 500 Royal Australian Navy personnel farewelled the outgoing Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Ray Griggs and welcomed their new leader Vice Admiral Tim Barrett in an official ceremony at Sir Thomas Blamey Square in Canberra today.


The Navy’s new Chief, Vice Admiral Barrett recognised with deep appreciation Vice Admiral Griggs’s progressive leadership over the last three years.

“Let me state publically at the start of my tenure what my goals for Navy will be: To gain and maintain our contract with government ― and with it the trust of the Australian people, to prepare for new capabilities, and to continue our reform and cultural change journey.

“These goals are indeed the same as Admiral Griggs’s, and not because I don’t have an alternative, but because they have proven to be the right goals, and they require a steady passage to mature.

“Whilst I might run a slightly different watch bill, the head mark will remain the same,” Vice Admiral Barrett said.

Vice Admiral Barrett pledged his commitment to lead the men and women of the Royal Australian Navy to the best of his ability.

Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, who will be appointed Vice Chief of Defence Force on 1 July 2014, thanked Navy’s people for their commitment and great achievements during his tenure.

Press Release, June 30, 2014; Image: Australian Navy

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