NUSHIP Canberra Staff Carries Out MAS Training

NUSHIP Canberra Staff Carries Out MAS Training

NUSHIP Canberra can carry more than 1,400 personnel, but how would they all leave the ship in the case of an emergency? Ten Canberra personnel found out the answer when they attended Mass Evacuation System (MES) training.


The Landing Helicopter Dock is fitted with six Mass Evacuation stations. Each station is a rapid deploying slide and life raft combination that allows personnel to get off the ship, straight into a raft without entering the water.

The training was conducted in May at the BAE Training Facility in Mascot, Sydney, by Mr Mal Chisholm.

“I am responsible for conducting all seamanship and Mass Evacuation Systems training for Landing Helicopter Dock personnel,” Mr Chisholm said.

“I was onboard Canberra during sea trials and witnessed the the system being successfully launched in one and a half minutes.

“I think the course participants had a bit of fun but also took away the important part of their roles – the biggest part of which is to ensure a safe, coordinated, and controlled departure from the ship and onto the Evacuation System.”

During the course a demonstration of the system was conducted. The operation and capability was broken down step by step for the course participants. This allowed members to practice their skills on the operation of the system.

Each Mass Evacuation station is controlled by two crew members who take charge at the top of the slide and ensure the safety of everyone proceeding into the evacuation chute. They also ensure that the equipment remains secured to the ship during the evolution.

There are two different life raft layouts within the six stations. Two stations have four interconnected life rafts and four stations have three rafts. Each life raft is able to hold 150 personnel.

These life rafts are very large and have the capability to be flipped by a wave and still serve their purpose.

Canberra is the Royal Australian Navy’s first Landing Helicopter Dock.

Press Release, July 07, 2014; Image: Australian Navy

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