Russian Northern Fleet Ends Barents Sea Exercises

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Russian Northern Fleet Ends Barents Sea Exercises

The Russian Northern Fleet concluded bilateral tactical exercises in the Barents Sea yesterday, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence.


More than 15 warships, nuclear and diesel submarines, as well as the division of coastal forces and naval aviation were involved in the exercise.

The final stage of the Barents Sea drills, comprising combat firing with cruise missiles, included a simulation attack on enemy warships. Following the scenario of the attack, the submarines were to strike surface ships from submerged positions.

As reported by ITAR-TASS News Agency, among the vessels participating in the drills were the Admiral Ushakov warship, antisubmarine ship Severomorsk and small antisubmarine ships Shnezhnogorsk and Yunga.

Naval Today Staff, September 18, 2014; Image: Russian Ministry of Defence
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