Russian Navy’s New Landing Craft Starts Sea Trials

The latest landing craft of the project 21820 “Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov”, built by the OJSC “Yaroslavsky Shipyard” for the Russian Navy’s Baltic fleet has commenced its factory sea trials.

Russian Navy's New Landing Craft Starts Sea Trials

The cutter was brought to the marine training ranges to check its maneuverability and speed capabilities, functioning of all units, systems and knots, navigation and radio engineering systems, as well as weapon system. Disembarkation of different wheeled and tracked vehicles afloat and on the coast will also be conducted.

After the completion of factory and state tests the landing craft “Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov” will join the Baltic fleet.

Landing craft “Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov” has a full displacement of 280 tons, overall length of 45 m, overall width of 8.5 m, and a draft of 1,9 m. The vessels’ maximum running speed at the wave heights of 0,75m is 35 knots and its maximum floating distance is 500 sea miles. It can hold a cargo of 140 tons maximum.

Press Release, October 14, 2014; Image: Russian Ministry of Defence