HMS Kent Joins US Navy’s Carl Vinson CSG

Portsmouth-based frigate HMS Kent joined forces with a US Navy carrier strike group when she linked up with the USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf.

The Type 23 has also been helping French allies during her first major work period upon arrival in the Middle East.

The Vinson is carrying out strikes against Islamic State forces as well as supporting broader efforts to ensure security at sea in the Middle Sea as flagship of the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group One: one flat-top, one cruiser, four destroyers, 49 fast jets, more than 20 helicopters, four AWACs early warning aircraft and much more – basically the most powerful naval surface group on the Seven Seas.

Kent has been east of Suez for about a month, taking over from her sister HMS Northumberland in the relentless effort to prevent pirates, smugglers, terrorists and drug runners using the maritime highways of the Middle East.

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Press, release, Image: US Navy