Most Read News, December 8 – 14, 2014

Pyotr Velikiy Practices Submarine Seeking Skills

Pyotr Velikiy, Russian Navy’s fourth Kirov-class battle cruiser, yesterday deployed on a mission to undertake submarine seeking exercises.

UK to Establish Permanent Naval Base in the Middle East

Royal Navy’s vessels will soon have its first permanent naval base in the Middle East since UK formally withdrew from Bahrain and Sharjah in 1971.

US Increases Presence at Rota Naval Base

The US is increasing its military presence in Europe by adding two more ballistic missile ships to its Rota Naval Base in Spain.

Vard Names Norway’s New Surveillance Vessel

Vard Holdings Limited, a designer and shipbuilder of offshore and specialized vessels, held a naming ceremony for Norway’s new surveillance vessel “Marjata” at Vard Langsten.

Russia Increases Air Activity over Baltic Sea

The past few days have seen unusually intense Russian air activity over the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. Air activity intensified on December 6 and has continued during the first days of the week. No violations of Finnish airspace have been observed.

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