USS Emory S. Land Continues Mission in Asia-Pacific AOR

The submarine tender USS Emory S. Land (AS 39) resumes operations in the Asia-Pacific areas of operation (AOR) after a four-month maintenance availability period at the Vigor Industrial Shipyard in Portland.

The ship underwent repairs to its hull and propulsion plant to maintain maximum operational readiness.

Capt. Robert Clark, the Commanding Officer of Emory S. Land, said:

The ship had a significant amount of steel replacement done to improve its structural integrity. Additionally, the propulsion plant was inspected and overhauled to ensure that we can complete our mission anywhere at any time.

Sailors aboard Emory S. Land used the dry-dock period to improve themselves and their departments to prepare for the upcoming deployment.

Clark added:

The crew has continually worked hard to improve and re-organize their spaces which will pay dividends in efficiency for the ship’s repair mission.

Emory S. Land is assigned as the U.S. Navy’s only forward-deployed submarine tender conducting tended moorings and afloat maintenance to submarines and surface ships in the 5th and 7th Fleet AOR.

Clark continued:

Our purpose is to repair forward deployed naval forces – specifically submarines, however, we will support other vessels in need. Our vessel keeps the forward deployed vessels in a maximum readiness condition. It keeps these forces ready and able to be on station at a moment’s notice.

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Image: US Navy