Australia Invites Tenders for Pacific Patrol Boat Project

The Australian Government announced the Request for Tender (RFT) for the replacement of Pacific Patrol Boats under the Pacific Maritime Security Program, Project SEA3036 Phase 1.

This project represents a significant investment in Australian defence industry with the Australian-made patrol boats worth $594 million in addition to through life sustainment and personnel costs estimated at $1.38 billion over 30 years.

As part of Australia’s continued commitment to maritime security in the Pacific region, this project involves the construction in Australia of up to 21 steel-hulled replacement patrol vessels.

With the existing Pacific Patrol Boats soon approaching their end of service life, the Government has committed to replacing the fleet with new Australian made vessels. This will assist Pacific Island countries to continue to take an active part in securing their own extensive Exclusive Economic Zones.

The replacement vessels will be larger and more capable than the current fleet. They will also have greater seakeeping ability, habitability and endurance, and will be updated for the contemporary operating environment.

These vessels will also continue to be complemented by a comprehensive program of training, maintenance and operational support for regional partners.

Under the essential requirements of the RFT, the replacement vessels will be built in Australia, and be of steel hull construction.

Image: Australian Navy