Royal Navy Divers Train with Nigerian Navy in Lagos

Royal Navy divers have been sharing their experience of hunting for terrorist devices in harbours and on ships when they spent a fortnight with the Nigerian Navy in Lagos.

The African divers want to build up their underwater force protection abilities – making sure harbours, berth and jetties and safe, and no explosive devices are fixed to the hulls of ships.

So a team of five – four sailors, one soldier – from the Defence Diving School on Horsea Island in Portsmouth flew to West Africa.

By the end of training, the Nigerian Navy divers were able to search their largest ship, NNS Aradu, inside the 20-minute target time, finding and marking the exercise devices placed by the British training team.

The British divers also offered their advice on the use of re-compression chambers and diving incident management.

This was the first time the UK has conducted diving training in Nigeria and a strong bond was quickly forged between the two diving schools and more joint training is planned.

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Image: Royal Navy

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