Russian Navy’s Cruiser Stays in Shape

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Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet cruiser is working on its skills by conducting combat training missions.

The Navy’s Atlant class guided missile cruiser Moskva performed missile and gun firing at naval and aerial targets yesterday.

Also involved in the drills were Su-24 and Be-12 aircraft, which dropped the targets, and Ka-27 helicopter crews which practiced taking off and landing on the cruiser.

Moskva (formerly named Slava) was commissioned on 30 January 1983. As Slava, it returned to Nikolayev Shipbuilding Plant in December 1990 for a refit but was not returned to service until April 2000. Recommissioned as Moskva, she replaced the Kynda-class cruiser Admiral Golovko as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet.

Image: Russian Department of Defence

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