Image of the Day: Keeping Newcastle Warm

Aussie Hero Quilts, a group of dedicated volunteers that makes quilts and laundry bags for Australian Defense Force personnel, has sent a number of handmade quilts and laundry bags to the ship and crew of HMAS Newcastle.

Aussie Hero Quilts have been providing Navy personnel with quilts and laundry bags for more than five years now.

Task Group Afghanistan recently held a fundraising barbecue as a way to say thank you and give something back to the volunteer organisation.

Event organizer and clerk Lance Corporal Emily Lahey worked with Aussie Hero Quilts to distribute the quilts and laundry bags to personnel.

During my time here, we’ve received 30 boxes with quilts and laundry bags for personnel in theatre, so we thought it was time to give back to the almost 200 volunteers who give their time, creativity and money to make these for us. We managed to raise almost $1,000, which I’m told could make more than 90 quilts.

The Task Group headquarters raised money through gold coin donations and a raffle for a day off – a coveted prize on operations.

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Image: Australian Navy