Russian sub Rostov-on-Don undergoes maintenance

Russian Navy’s new diesel-electric submarine Rostov-on-Don completed her sail from Novorossiysk to Sevastopol – both Black Sea ports, on December 25.

In Sevastopol, the submarine will undergo inspection and routine maintenance of mechanisms of the submarine after it made the transition from the North to the Black Sea Fleet, and after it completed objectives in the Mediterranean.

Earlier this month, on December 8, the Rostov-on-Don achieved a first-of-a-kind milestone for the Russian Navy. Namely, according to the Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, the submarine fired Kalibr cruise missiles while submerged in the Mediterranean Sea.

The cruise missiles fired from the submarine reportedly also hit their targets, ISIS positions in the Syrian Raqqa province.

The Russian Navy said that after the scheduled maintenance is completed, the crew would begin a planned combat training.
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Naval Today Staff