Russian Navy plans large-scale exercise of Caspian flotilla

30 surface ships, motorboats and auxiliary vessels, more than 1000 servicemen and over 100 pieces of military equipment will be involved in the Russian naval exercise Caucasus 2016.

The Russian Navy said that ship formations and Marine units of the Caspian flotilla started preparations for the strategic command-and-staff exercise Caucasus-2016, which will take place in September this year.

The crews will practice actions on combat and air defence preparation of the ships under the conditions of conventional usage of missiles and artillery weapons by imaginary enemy.

Marines will hone their skills through amphibious landing exercises, deploying amphibious combat vehicles from landing ships and occupying the coastal zones.

Apart from Caucasus-2016, the Russian Navy said there were about 20 other exercises to be held under the leadership of the Caspian flotilla Command.

The Russian Navy announcement comes after IHS Jane reported NATO commanders expressing concern over Russian Navy submarines becoming more active in the North Atlantic and making technological advances. Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone, Commander of NATO’s Maritime Command was quoted as saying: “A lot of what the Russians are doing at the moment we don’t understand, and is obscure and is shrouded in other activity which makes us nervous, and makes nations nervous.”

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