Russian warship interferes with Lithuanian shipping routes

An unidentified Russian Navy ship ordered Atlantic Voyager, a commercial container ship which was sailing in Lithuanian waters, to change route because the Russian Navy was conducting exercises in the area.

According to Lithuanian Navy, the container ship was sailing roughly 36 nautical miles off Klaipėda, Lithuania.

The event was recorded by the Lithuanian Navy’s control centre on March 10, which then dispatched the command and support ship LNS Jotvingis to patrol the area.

This is the first case this year Russian warships have rerouted ships in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Lithuania due to naval drills taking place in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation. 5 such cases were recorded in 2015.

“The actions of the Russian Federation which interfere with economic activities in the exclusive economic zone of Lithuania violate regulations of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and spirit of good neighbourliness”, Lithuanian Navy said.

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