VIDEO: Argentine Navy sinks Chinese fishing boat

The Argentine Navy informed that it sunk a Chinese vessel fishing illegally in Argentine waters on March 14 and released a video showing the gun firing operation.

The Navy identified the boat as Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010. The boat was reportedly conducting illegal fishing activities in Puerto Madryn, which is within the Argentinian Exclusive Economic Zone.

Argentine Navy units started a chase after the boat failed to respond to radio calls and visual signals. It was said that the Chinese boat performed several maneuvers and even tried to ram one of the navy vessels chasing it.

After warning shots failed to stop the vessel, the navy said it shot at different sections of the ship causing it to sink. The boat captain then stopped the boat after he realized the vessel was sinking.

Four crew members, including the captain, were then rescued and taken in custody. The other 28 crew were rescued by other Chinese fishing boats that were in the vicinity. The statement said they would be brought to a federal judge in southern Chubut province.

“The (Chinese) Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Argentina have lodged urgent representations with the Argentine side, expressing serious concerns and demanding that the Argentine side conduct a thorough investigation, inform the Chinese side of the details, ensure the safety and legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese crew, and take effective measures to avoid any repetition of such an incident”, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said in response to the incident.

Image/Video: Argentine Navy