Spanish patrol vessel hosts Operation Atalanta force commander

Operation Atalanta’s Force Commander, German Navy Rear Admiral Jan Kaack, visited the Spanish warship, ESPS Tornado, in the Gulf of Aden on April 3.

The visit was possible as the Operation Atalanta warships were both conducting counter-piracy maneuvers in the region.

After a short flight in ESPS Tornado’s Seahawk helicopter from FGS Bayern, the Force Commander was welcomed on board ESPS Tornado by Commander Salvador Moreno.

Following a tour of the Spanish warship, including the operations room, bridge and flight deck, Rear Admiral Kaack held discussions with Commander Moreno about the security situation in the region and the capabilities that the Spanish warship brings to the force.

The ESPS Tornado belongs to the Buque de Acción Marítima-class of vessels, often referred to as Meteoro-class, after the name of the first ship in class. The ships are built by the Spanish shipbuilder Navantia at a reported cost of approx $220 million per unit.

Four ships of the class are already in service while an overall of 9 ships are expected to be built. They are armed with one 76mm OTTO-Melara gun, two MK 38 MOD Machine Guns 2A
and four SRBOC MK36 short-range mortar that launchers.