Russia to launch new generation small missile ship

Russian More shipyard is set to launch a new generation small missile, Project 22800 ship in Fedosia, Russia on May 10.

By order of the Russian commander of the navy, the ship was named Storm.

The new Kalibr cruise missile-armed, MRK 22800 project ships were designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. They have a displacement of 800 tonnes and reach speeds of 30 knots.

According to the Russian Navy, these ships will be capable of performing missions within 3,000 miles of their bases.

The first two Project 22800 ships, named Hurricane and Typhoon, were laid at the Pella shipyard in St. Petersburg in December 2015 with an estimated commissioning time set for 2017-2018.

Various Russian shipyards will build over 10 ships for the Russian Navy, some media reports put the number closer to 20 ships.