Sri Lanka exports naval ships to Nigeria in historic first export

Having received one of the biggest defense contracts in the country’s naval history, Sri Lanka Navy sold 9 small patrol craft to the Nigerian government.

The deal represents a milestone in the annals of the Sri Lanka Navy as this is the very first export the Navy has completed.

The boats were built by the Inshore Patrol Craft Project based at the Welisara navy ground. 6 arrow boats and 3 inshore patrol craft were built under a contract worth approx. USD 4.2 million.

The Sri Lanka Navy said how it is the pioneer in the sphere of Arrow-class patrol boats and Wave Rider craft, concepts which were developed through SLN’s asymmetric naval warfare experience.

The first prototypes of the arrow boats were developed in 1994 by the Navy Special Boat Squadron while approximately 120 craft have been indigenously built so far.