Photo of the day: An Admiral hovers over the water

Photo of the day An Admiral hovers over the water
Photo: Bundeswehr/Janine Pirrwitz

Admirals hanging on a rope meters above water surface is not something sailors would consider a routine procedure.

Italian Navy Admiral Andrea Gueglio, however, really wanted to try transferring from one ship to another via a material transport line.

Having witnessed a resupply at sea conducted between the German Navy ships ‘Frankfurt am Main’ and ‘Karlsruhe’ using the line, Gueglio was intrigued as the Italian Navy only rarely performed this maneuver.

Gueglio than expressed his wish to be hauled with the line from his aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi to the German combat support ship as he would soon be leaving the Operation Sophia.

ITS Giuseppe Garibaldi approached Frankfurt am Main from the port side for the maneuver which began once the lines and security belts were transferred to the Admiral.

The entire crew of the support ship was mustered to pull the line. A master chief petty officer coordinated the efforts by issuing commands with a whistle to ensure Gueglio completes his 40-meter trip without major turbulence.

Once on board, Gueglio thanked those who helped during the maneuver but also commended the entire crew for their contribution to the Mediterranean Sea mission.

Both the Admiral and the combat support ship are scheduled to leave the EU NAVFOR mission soon. Frankfurt am Main will be relieved by the German tender Werra in Italy, July 1.