VIDEO: German Navy’s air-independent U 35 submarine

Although the German Navy’s Type 212A submarine U 35 belongs to the same class as its predecessors, the German Navy says the second batch of boats is far more technically advanced.

The latest video released by the ‘Marine’ showcases the submarine explaining how the hybrid, air independent propulsion (AIP) works. While the video is in German language, it does contain graphics which illustrate how the system works.

What makes AIP submarines highly effective in what they are designed to do is their low heat, and noise signature which allows the boats to stay undetected for weeks while submerged.

A range of improvements distinguishes the U 35 from her four older sister ships. This second generation of submarines is specifically optimized for deployments around the world. The boat has a bigger reservoir, improved air-conditioning, a new combat system and is equipped with a hatch that allows divers to exit the submarine while underwater.

Additionally, the U 35 features a communication buoy which allows the boat to send and receive messages while travelling at greater depths. The buoy is connected to the boat via a cable that adjusts length automatically allowing the commander to travel at whatever speed or depth he prefers.

The German Navy will operate two of the second-batch submarines once the U 36 joins service sometime in 2016 if all goes according to plans.