Migrant crisis: Combat support ship embarks 1286 rescued migrants

After a non-governmental organization ship reported spotting around 500 people in a wooden barge, 84 kilometers north-west of Tripoli, Libya, on June 24, German Navy combat support ship Frankfurt am Main was sent to the location to assist the rescue efforts.

After arriving at the destination, the German ship found a total of two wooden barges and four rubber boats in the vicinity. Another non-governmental organization vessel was nearby to provide help.

Frankfurt am Main pulled a total of 485 persons from the sea, while NGO ship Topaz Responder rescued further 450 migrants. Frankfurt am Main subsequently embarked the migrants from Topaz Responder and took up another 352 persons from the Spanish Navy ship Reina Sofia.

The Operation Sophia ship embarked a total of 1286 migrants, among them 220 women and 76 children, during the operation.

Both wooden barges and rubber boats were sunk after the operation while the Frankfurt am Main headed for Italy where the migrants would be handed over to the authorities.