Mark VI patrol boat in first drill with aircraft carrier

A Mark VI patrol boat from the Coastal Riverine Squadron (CRS) 3 joined USS Carl Vinson’s (CVN 70) composite unit training exercise (COMPTUEX) on November 4, marking a first for the patrol boat.

Operating off the California coast, the MK VI crew assisted with the COMPTUEX, which aligned with the squadron’s ongoing pre-deployment training.

“The event also coincided with our Final Evaluation Problem as we reach the end of our training cycle and prepare to step off for the squadron’s upcoming deployment,” said Cmdr. Mark Postill, commanding officer, CRS 3.

The MK VI is an 85-foot combatant craft designed for patrolling shallow littoral areas for the purpose of force protection for U.S. and coalition forces, as well as safeguarding critical infrastructure. The MK VI patrol boats are deployed in two separate strategic areas of operation: Commander, Task Force (CTF) 56 in Bahrain and CTF 75 in Guam.

“The opportunity to work with the strike group provided excellent fleet integration training for our MK VI crews,” said Postill.

The MK VI patrol boats are globally transportable and can operate from amphibious ship well decks to forward locations, while partnering with allied navies at a new and enhanced effectiveness.The MK VI is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 35 knots and has a range of more than 600 nautical miles.