New Russian Navy video reflects on carrier’s Mediterranean ‘adventure’

The Russian Ministry of Defense has recently shared a new video of the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia’s lone aircraft carrier, operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

The video, shared on YouTube, has no description but it is evident that it reflects on the carrier’s air wing operations off the coast of Syria in the Mediterranean Sea.

To remind, Admiral Kuznetsov set sail from its Northern Fleet base in October 2016. The carrier sailed through the English Channel en route to Syria under constant watch of NATO and regional navy ships.

Admiral Kuznetsov sailed with its carrier strike group composed of the battlecruiser Pyotr Veliky, destroyer Vice Admiral Kulakov and anti-submarine ships. The group later met up with a nuclear submarine and Tu-160 long-range strategic bombers for anti-piracy and anti-terror drills before they reached their final destination.

During its time off the coast of Syria – which was the ship’s first-ever combat deployment – Admiral Kuznetsov lost two aircraft in flight operations.

Pilots survived in both accidents but analysts concluded that the incidents indicated a lack of training and experience.

In the first accident, a MiG 29 fighter jet crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on November 13 after the aircraft carrier’s arresting cable malfunctioned.

The aircraft was directed to resume its flight until the problem with the cable was fixed. The aircraft, however, ran out of fuel before the ship’s crew managed to repair the cable. Both engines on the aircraft shut down causing the aircraft to start rapidly decelerating and eventually forcing the pilot to eject.

The second incident took place on December 3 when a Su-33 Flanker landed in the sea after skidding off the flight deck. The arresting cable snapped in the second incident.