Russia to modernize Udaloy-class ASW destroyers

The Russian Navy plans to modernize five Udaloy-class anti-submarine warfare destroyers by 2022, a Russian Navy spokesman told reporters.

Ships from the Northern and Pacific Fleets will undergo modernization of life support systems and radio-electronic weapons systems at shipyards in the north and far east regions of the country, Russian news agency Tass reported spokesman Igor Dygalo as saying.

The Russian Navy currently operates nine Udaloy-class (Project 1155) ships that were commissioned between 1988 and 1999.

There were two versions of the destroyers built, Udaloy I and Udaloy II, both designed by Severnoye Design Bureau. Udaloy II ships featured more capable sonars with greater emphasis on anti-surface warfare.

Only one of three planned second generation ship were built. Of 12 Udaloy I ships, eight are still in service.