Video: Russian frigate tests Shtil-1 missile during acceptance trials

Admiral Makarov, the third Project 11356 frigate built for the Russian Navy at the Yantar shipyard, is currently being tested before being delivered to the navy.

The frigate was launched in September 2015 and recently took to sea for the final phase of the navy’s acceptance trials.

Admiral Makarov performed well ever since starting the series of trials in October 2016, with one exception. Missile firing tests from December 2016 revealed that the frigate-launched Shtil-1 surface to air missile system was unstable during operation.

Earlier this month, the shipbuilder said the problems with the system were now resolved together with the missile manufacturer Almaz Antey.

The Russian Ministry of Defense now shared a video of Admiral Makarov using the Shtil-1 missile to engage a target missile launched from a missile boat in the Baltic Sea. The video does not show the moment the Shtil-1 missile destroys the target but the Ministry of Defense said the test was successful.

Admiral Makarov is expected to be transferred to the navy in the first half of 2017. The first two ships in the class, Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen were commissioned on March 11 and June 7, 2016, respectively.

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