Watch Russian Navy vessels launch Kalibr cruise missiles at ISIS positions

Russian Navy vessels have launched four Kalibr cruise missiles at ISIS positions near Palmyra, Syria, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The navy’s newest frigate, Project 11356 Admiral Essen, launched two of the missiles. The frigate was commissioned earlier this month and is currently on her maiden voyage.

The other Russian Navy vessel involved in the strikes was the Project 636.6 diesel-electric submarine Krasnodar. The submarine launched the missiles from a submerged position, similar to what her sister-boat Rostov-on-Don did in September 2015.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said the strikes were aimed at ISIS hangars near Palmyra. The ministry also added that the United States, Turkey, and Israel had been notified of the missile strikes.

The Kalibr cruise missile that was fired is a long-range cruise missile that is said to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The missile has land-attack, anti-ship and anti-submarine variants and was earlier tested aboard Gepard class frigates and Buyan-M class corvettes against targets in Syria.