Russia’s second Admiral Gorshkov class frigate tests engines ahead of builder’s trials

Russian Navy’s second Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate (Project 22350), ‘Admiral Kasatonov’, has started tests of diesel generators ahead of her builder’s trials that are reportedly set to start later this year.

According to shipbuilder Severnaya Verf, Admiral Kasatonov should complete the engine room tests by the end of June, with the crew expected to move aboard from November 2017.

Designed by the Severnoye Design Bureau, Project 22350 frigates measure 130 meters in length and have a cruising range of over 4,000 nautical miles. According to the shipbuilder, Admiral Kasatonov displaces 5,000 tonnes while earlier reports indicated the frigates displace 4,500 tonnes.

The ships will be equipped with anti-submarine and anti-ship missiles, a 130mm universal gun-mount and an embarked helicopter. The frigates also feature the Poliment-Redut naval air defense system which was reportedly one of the reasons behind the delay in the delivery of the lead ship in the class.

Admiral Gorshkov started construction in 2009 with Admiral Kasatonov being the second and final frigate in the class to receive Ukrainian-built gas turbines.

Russia received only five turbines (three for Project 11356 ships and two for Project 22350 ships) before the 2014 Crimea conflict, following which Ukrainian company Zorya-Mashproyekt refused to deliver the remaining turbines.

Russian company NPO Saturn was subsequently selected to develop new gas turbine engines for the ships. Project 22350 ships will be the first to receive the turbines with deliveries expected to start by 2018.