ZNT Yard launches two SAR boats for Russian Navy

Russian Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod Shipyard (ZNT Yard) launched two Project 23040 search and rescue boats (SAR) for the Russian Navy on June 8.

Named РВК-1239 and РВК-1261, they are the 19th and 20th boats in their class.

ZNT Yard is to build an overall 22 units in the class for service in the navy’s Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Pacific and Northern Fleets including the Caspian Flotilla.

After they complete further outfitting and sea trials this summer, РВК-1239 and РВК-1261 will join the Russian Pacific Fleet.

Project 23040 boats are built under a 2013 contract signed between the shipyard and the Russian ministry of defense. ZNT Yard was initially to build 16 boats but that number was later expanded to 22 units.

The vessels can support diving operations up to 60 meters in depth and are equipped with remotely operated vehicles and a towed sonar. They are also equipped with firefighting equipment that allows them to fight fires up to 30 meters high, pump water from other vessels and supply them with power.