Russian ships, helicopters harass US cargo ship ahead of NATO drill in Baltic

Russian ships and helicopters reportedly harassed U.S.-flagged M/V Green Ridge in the Baltic Sea in May as it was carrying military equipment for exercise Saber Strike 2017, according to Defense News.

The U.S. cargo ship was approached by Russian military assets as it was travelling near Russian waters en route to Lithuania.

Defense News cited an internal memo on the incident which said the ship’s master characterized the Russian approaches as “intense and threatening”.

If the report is confirmed, it would be the latest in a series of unprofessional and dangerous approached carried out by Russian ships and aircraft in the Baltic region.

M/V Green Ridge was carrying equipment for exercise Saber Strike which involved U.S. and NATO units and concluded June 24.

11,000 U.S. and NATO military members from 20 countries took part in the exercise which took place in various regions in the Baltics and Poland from May 28.