USS Nimitz F/A-18E goes off runway during emergency landing, pilot ejects

An F/A-18E from the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz failed to make a timely stop during an emergency landing on Saturday, forcing the pilot to eject.

The aircraft, belonging to Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 146, took off from USS Nimitz and experienced an engine malfunction during the flight.

The pilot first attempted to divert to Sheik Isa Air Base, Bahrain. Unable to make it to Isa, the pilot had to make an emergency landing at Bahrain International Airport.

During the emergency landing, the aircraft failed to come to a full stop on the runway, forcing the pilot to eject as the aircraft departed the runway.

The US Navy said it is currently supporting efforts to re-open the runway so the airport may resume normal operations.

The pilot was not injured in the incident which is now under investigation by the navy.