Russian Navy’s lead logistics vessel Elbrus to be delivered by November

The lead ship of the Russian Navy’s Project 23120 logistic support vessels is conducting flight tests and is expected to be delivered to the Russian defense ministry by November this year.

Elbrus, as the lead ship is named, is currently performing interoperability tests with KA-27 and KA-29 helicopters, carrying out lifting operations with different types of cargoes.

According to the shipbuilder, Elbrus will be conducting aerial operations through September and is set to complete state trials in October. The ship will thereafter undergo a final audit before being delivered to the Russian Navy and its Northern Fleet.

Severnaya shipyard has a contract to build three vessels in the class for the navy and construction on the second unit is already on the way.

The ice-strengthened vessels are capable of operating in the Arctic in ice up to 60 centimeters thick. The 95-meter long vessels are crewed by 27 sailors and have a range of 5 000 nautical miles.

Featuring a dynamic positioning system, the vessels also come with two 50-ton cranes, towing winches with a pulling force of 120 and 25 tons and a 700 square-meter cargo deck.

In addition to the transport and transfer of goods, the vessels can take part in rescue operations and provide medical assistance to those in distress (the vessel is equipped with a pressure chamber for decompression) and search for sunken objects.