Russia ready to launch second Project 22800 ship ‘Typhoon’

Russian shipbuilder Pella Shipyards will be launching the Russian Navy’s second Project 2280 small missile boat in November, Russian defense ministry has announced.

Named ‘Typhoon’, the boat is the second in a class of 18 envisioned units. The lead ship, ‘Uragan’, was launched in July 2017 in Leningrad.

The new Kalibr cruise missile-armed boats were designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. They reach speeds of 30 knots and displace 800 tonnes.

In addition to Kalibr missiles, the 67-meter boats carry a 76.2 mm AK-176MA naval gun, two 30 mm cannons and a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

The boats are to be built at various Russian shipyards and with orders placed for 12 units to be built at four different shipyards.