EU NAVFOR flagship’s crew train with Tanzanian Navy

Over the course of three days from 12th to the 14th November, members of the Tanzanian Defence Force Navy trained with members of ITS Fasan to bolster Maritime Capability in the Indian Ocean.

During port visits, EU NAVFOR personnel take the opportunity to pass on essential maritime skills to local forces to enhance their capabilities in this key area of world economic trade.

The training included first aid response, boarding operations and the detainment of suspects. The local military personnel showed great enthusiasm and dedication to improve their maritime skills and reiterated their willingness to continue participating in this kind of collaboration with EU NAVFOR.

EU NAVFOR continues to protect vulnerable shipping and vessels of the UN World Food Programme throughout the area, maintaining a presence to deter and repress piracy off the Horn of Africa. Moreover, piracy impacts on international trade and maritime security and on the economic activities and security of countries in the region which requires an ongoing presence to monitor and act as needed.