Pacific Fleet divers set Russian Navy record with 416-meter dive

Divers from the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet set a navy record as they dove to a depth of 416 meters during underwater rescue exercises in the Sea of Japan.

According to the Russian defense ministry, the dive was carried out with the help of the GVK-450 deep-water diving rescue system which was developed by the Russian Navy Research Institute for Rescue and Submarine Technologies.

The GVK-450 was deployed from aboard the ‘Igor Belousov’ search and rescue support vessel.

The divers spent three days preparing for the dive, undergoing compression in the pressure chambers, before they were ready to break the record. Once they reached the record depth, the three divers surveyed the area and spread out a Russian flag in a video shared by the defense ministry. They are scheduled to leave the diving chamber on November 18.

Photo: Screengrab

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