US Navy’s new T-ATSX-class vessels to feature MacGregor deck machinery

The new class of US Navy T-ATSX-class towing, salvage and rescue ships will be equipped with deck machinery equipment supplied by Cargotec subsidiary MacGregor.

As announced by the company, the order was booked into Cargotec’s fourth quarter 2018 order intake and the equipment is planned for delivery during the first quarter of 2020.

The vessels are under construction at Gulf Island Shipyards, in Houma, Louisiana, under a contract from March 2018.

MacGregor’s latest naval contract with Gulf Island Shipyards, a subsidiary of Gulf Island Fabrication Inc, includes the option for a further seven vessels. The towing, salvage and rescue ship (T-ATSX) is a new class of vessel that will be deployed for worldwide naval service including open-ocean towing, supporting salvage operations and submarine rescue missions.

NAVSEA requirements state that the vessel must have a minimum bollard pull rating of 118 tonnes (130 short tons). To meet this need, MacGregor’s deck machinery package will include a main towing and traction winch, in addition to an offshore crane, Triplex shark jaws, towing and pop-up pins, a stern roller, and other accessories. The contract also provides for crew training as well as integrated logistics support.

“Naval contracts require specialist service support,” says Høye Høyesen, vice president, Advanced Offshore Solutions, MacGregor. “We have a long history of offering integrated logistics support (ILS), which is essential for naval operations and influences equipment design decisions from a reliability and service perspective.”


Photo: Photo: Gulf Island Fabrication