Bangladesh Navy receives patrol boats from the US

The Bangladesh Navy received five Metal Shark-built patrol boats from the US in a ceremony at the Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS) Headquarters in Chittagong April 25.

Photo: US Navy

Rear Admiral Joey Tynch, commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific, presented the patrol boats.

Tynch, Joel Reifman, US Deputy Chief of Mission to Bangladesh and senior delegates from the Bangladesh Navy held a ceremony with the Bangladesh sailors who will operate the boats.

The fast-response Metal Shark boats are capable of reaching up to 35 knots and are large enough to operate in coastal and nearshore environments in various conditions, while also allowing for expeditionary operation in a wide range of climates.

The boats will be utilized by SWADS teams as multi-purpose vessels in various scenarios to include anti-piracy and counter-terrorism.

The boat handover presents the US and Bangladesh Navies with future training and subject matter exchange opportunities for long-term maintenance and tactics with the patrol boats.

“We work together with our Bangladeshi partners because we share a common belief in rules-based order and a commitment to maritime security, and these boats are important to both,” said Tynch. “Without the ability to maintain awareness of the maritime environment, that rules-based order cannot be enforced.”

In addition to the presentation of crafts, Tynch visited Ashar Alo, a school financed and directed by the Bangladesh Navy for special needs children.

The US and Bangladesh routinely work together across several bilateral and multilateral maritime exercises, to include Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT), Southeast Asia Cooperation Training (SEACAT), and the Rim of Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise.