Britain’s next generation of frigates named

Five names have been selected for the Royal Navy’s Type 31 frigates.

Britain’s next generation of frigates named
T31ShipXL; Courtesy of Royal Navy

The names of the five future frigates were revealed at the First Sea Lord’s Seapower conference held in Arundel House, London.

The Type 31 frigates, which will now be known as the Inspiration class, are named HMS Active, Bulldog, Campbeltown, Formidable, and Venturer.

Each name has been selected to represent key themes and operations of the global mission of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines: carrier operations (Formidable); operational advantage in the North Atlantic (Bulldog); forward deployment of ships around the globe to protect UK interests (Active); technology and innovation (Venturer); and the Future Commando Force (Campbeltown).

The Type 31s replace five general-purpose Type 23 frigates which have served the Royal Navy with distinction since the early 1990s.

All five Inspiration-class vessels will be assembled at the Babcock yard in Rosyth.

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All five will operate alongside Type 26 or City-class frigates which will be dedicated submarine hunters and will replace the equivalent specialist Type 23s.

Photo: T31ShipXL; Courtesy of Royal Navy